What Are All These Dwarves Doing In My House?! by ~ramida-r


What Are All These Dwarves Doing In My House?! by ~ramida-r

Ever fancied someone you know you shouldn’t? Hurts, doesn’t it? But kind of a good hurt.


“I dunno what I was thinking, well, I wasn’t, I suppose, I tend do that to not think sometimes, instead I just do things and well, the results are disastrous. I should really stop. Probably won’t. So, will you help me?”

“Well um yeah of course I’ll help you.”

You’re a bad little love
And your mine

“You know something Dolly.”


“You look nice when you smile.”

“Go get hexed Yaxley.”


Pride in Cranford:

Oh good I was wondering where you were- Lizzy are you alright? Whatever is the matter darling?

It’s- It’s Lydia. She has run away.

“Penny please. It was a stupid mistake. I just, I just wasn’t thinking.”

“You see though that’s your problem Bill! When it comes her HER you never think! You just do! Every time she is around or is even mentioned you turn into a completely different person. It’s like I don’t even know you. It makes me wonder if you ever truly got over her.”


“No Bill! Just-… Just listen to me please. Maybe you haven’t gotten over her. Not fully. And I should have realized that. Maybe you do care about me and maybe you don’t. All I know for certain is that whatever feelings you do have for me. They can’t compare to her. They never have. And I doubt they ever will. Bye Bill.”

Do you really wonder why people don’t like you Ed? It’s because you put your work before everything else in life. It’s because of your smug attitude and complete disregard of other peoples feelings. You are a jerk-no. Ed. You’re an asshole. I hope you and your precious programs live happily ever after.


“So… what now?”

“Would you like to get some fondue with me?”

“Steve I’m guessing that you know what fondue really is now or…?”

“Wha- Oh! Y-yeah um yeah I just meant that.. I feel bad for ruining your date and I want to make it up to you.”

“With food right?”

“Yes with food!” 

Not a word.


Not.A.Word…. Stop smiling too.

Gee would you like me to also stop breathing while I’m at it?

You’re just enjoying this aren’t you?

Yeah. Yeah I really am.

Shut up.

Aww come on don’t be like that. I mean it’s not everyday I get to bail you out of jail.

… I hate you.

Love you too darling!


Pride in Cranford:

Who is that?

Don’t you know?

That is William Buxton.


William Buxton! I heard Mama talk about him. He’s visiting from Cranford.


But why on earth is he here?

I don’t know.

Is he single?

Very single.

And very rich from what I heard.

Oh he is so very handsome!

That still doesn’t answer our question though, why is he here?!

Things go horribly wrong when Jonathan’s girlfriend is taken and is given his new fear toxin while Jon is forced to watch.